SAVA PAC Mouse Pad


Use the SAVA PAC mouse pad as a base for creating something truly magical; the Pulitzer Prize-winning autobiography or anything else your heart desires. It’s up to you.

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Round Rectangle
Lenght, cm 20.32 21.59
Width, cm 20.32 22.86
Height, cm 0.64 0.64

Elevate your workspace with a customized round mouse pad, made to bring a pop of personality to your laptop. Its vibrant design adds life to any cubicle, home office, or workstation. Constructed with neoprene and a non-slip rubber base, it ensures stable and secure mouse movement, preventing any unwanted accidents. With printing available only on the top side, it’s the perfect finishing touch to make your work area uniquely yours.

.: One-sided print
.: 1/4″ (0.63 cm) thick
.: Available in two shapes: round and rectangle
.: Material: Neoprene with non-slip rubber bottom

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