We are proud to announce the launch of Serbian American Voters Alliance
(SAVA), Political Action Committee (PAC)



We believe in the promise of our founding documents that We The People are all equal, and deserve individual liberty, dignity, and equal treatment under the law, including the sacred right of freedom of speech.


Foreign Policy

We believe in rebuilding our powerful military as the strongest guarantor of our continued freedoms, while supporting a non-interventionist foreign policy and ending the decades long wars of our failed politicians.


Family and Faith

We believe in the society's most important unit -- the family-- which is being attacked daily. We must rally to support and defend it, for the American future in which everyone can prosper, and every child can grow up free from violence, poverty, and fear. We will advocate for religious liberty, and uphold and defend the Judeo-Christian values of our founding.



We believe in free enterprise and allowing Americans to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. We support low taxes, fair trade and few necessary regulations.


Law and Order

We believe in Law and Order, and that the men and women of law enforcement are HEROES who deserve our respect, absolute support, and gratitude.

Election Integrity

We believe in Election Integrity, and will work to ensure fair, honest, transparent, and secure elections, where every LEGAL VOTE counts, guaranteed by proof of identity.


Serbian American Voters Alliance is a non-partisan Political Action Committee, whose mission is to support or defeat candidates for federal office and promote or oppose legislation, public policy, and actions of concern to the Serbian-American community.

The purpose of SAVA is to give Serbian-Americans a greater voice in their federal government. By financially supporting and helping to elect worthy candidates for federal office, you send strong leaders to Washington, DC that can influence laws, policies, and decisions that affect our lives, values and families every day.


We believe in proactive Serbian-American political engagement


Stay up-to-date on the candidates running for office, endorsements, rallies, and the latest news.


Appoint state leaders and develop state teams
Identify and support candidates running for federal government who share our values and interests
Facilitate and develop relationships with the elected officials and candidates where our community resides
Provide an ongoing interface across federal government between candidates, elected officials, their staff, and our community
Establish a permanent presence within the electoral process by informing, and engaging our community
Host events across the nation featuring keynote speakers
Organize an eventual annual Serbia Day Gala in Washington, DC
Provide major donors with one-on-one opportunities to meet leaders and candidates
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