Op-Ed: The Collapse of the Global American Empire

american flag

Empires rise and empires fall, often through the looking glass of their own internally destructive and self-inflicted wounds. The Roman Empire, it is said, collapsed under the circumstances of unsustainable debt driven by fiat currency, insatiable desire for war and conquest, disintegration of the moral and social fabric, corrupt degeneracy of its elite, and absorption […]

Exclusive Statement by Ambassador Richard A. Grenell

Ambassador Richard A. Grenell

On the occasion of the Third Anniversary of the Washington Agreement for Kosovo and Serbia Today, on the third Anniversary of the historic Washington Agreement signed in the Oval Office by the governments of Serbia and Kosovo and presided over by President Trump, we’re sadly forced to acknowledge that relations between these two friends of […]

Iconic Moments That Define Us

Serbian American Voices Must Be Heard!

Serbian American Voices Must Be Heard! Three moments of the past few weeks illustrate the true nature of the Serbian character. One: A peaceful protest in Zvecan – in the north of occupied Kosovo-Metohija – got attacked by Albanian police and NATO troops sent to protect them. Instead of running away, or crying to the […]

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